Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bison Rides a Mountain Bike

I decided I’d start on a second series of Critters on Bikes. The first bunch were fun, and a lot of people seemed to like them. To start with I thought I’d simply redo some of my favourites from the first series (no thinking involved, just start painting!). I have a couple new ones in mind too, but to start with it seemed right to start where the first series began…

(Remember: click on the pictures below to see a slightly larger version)

Bison Rides a Mountain Bike, October 2010, Acrylic on MDF, 50x40cm

I’ve started the Touring Camel and then I might work on the Cyclocross Moose… then move on to some new critters. These, however, are much bigger that the original series. The original series were small paintings on paper to fit in to these wee picture frames Amanda had bought (so the bigger ones were 18x12cm (~7”x5”). The new ones are on Medium Density Fibre board with their own frame for hanging built into the back and are roughly 50x40cm (~20”x16”). I’m also using slightly better paints.

I also have some other ideas for paintings and stuff… Oh to find the time to work on them all…

You can see the original Bison painting HERE.


  1. I am absolutely in love with this painting. Can I buy it?? Or a copy / print of it - thanks