Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last fall I started drawing comics again with the kids (more on that in a bit). They were very productive, me… not so much… After a couple of false starts (which may get finished SOME day…) I finally cranked one out this week….

It’s only 8 pages of… well… not much… but it’s SOMETHING and it’s a new START!! I just realized it’s been over TEN YEARS since I published the last ObliViosiTeR!? (probably closer to eleven…).

I also prepped three new boards this week for painting. I didn’t really NEED to. I already have three ready to go. They’ve been sitting and waiting and ready to go since before I finished my last painting in December. It’s been a busy couple months and I kind of “fell off the (painting) wagon”. Prepping some new boards was kind of to get me into painting mode by starting with the “process” – if that makes sense.

Busy with Birthday shenanigans the next couple days, but after that…