Saturday, October 2, 2021

Day One


Though I am posting this one the second, I did draw this late last night - it was still October 1st (somewhere) when I finished it! Waited until this morning to post - when the light was better for taking a picture! 

This is my old Cannondale Super-V (800?) in the back alley behind the Bike Doctor.

From a photo c2004 - when I sold it. I barely rode the thing. Only full-suspension bike I ever owned. In fact, it was the last suspension bike I ever owned. 

I came across YET ANOTHER prompt list - this one from my local Art Supply store where I buy pretty much all of my art supplies... well... maybe 95% of my art supplies. It's a lovely little store that's been around forever and conveniently (for me!) located right downtown. 

So I was thinking of the prompt from this list - Back Alley - when I remembered the picture I'd taken of the Super-V and always wanted to make a drawing/painting of it. 

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