Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Dinovember - Week Two

Continued on with Dinovember this past week....

sort of...

I was losing interest and took a couple of days off. I don't LOVE dinosaurs - not like some people do. That's not a criticism or anything. Just different strokes for different folks. I have to say, I do LOVE some peoples passion for dinosaurs and the incredible art it inspires them to produce. If you haven't checked it out, look at the #drawdinovember and #drawdionvember2020 or even just the #dinovember hashtags on instagram! There is some really amazing stuff there - and, if nothing else, I'm glad I learned of this and participated in it a bit, because it's introduced me to some really fabulous artists out there, that I might not otherwise have come across!

I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with this for the rest of the month... I was kind of tiring of the project and dissatisfied with the work I was producing and kind of dropped off for a couple days, but at the moment I am typing this, I'm pretty happy with what I came up with today - despite, what I see, as a few flaws.... we'll just have to see what tomorrow beings. 

Here are the pics i came up with this past week. 

Day 8

So much snow. The city is pretty much shut down for the day. I figure there won't be much in the way of dino sightings, but then I go out back to clear a path to the garage and there's a pteradon hanging from my soffit like some kind of giant bat!? Looks like it's asleep. Wonder how long it will stay there? What do they even do in the winter? Do they hibernate somewhere? Migrate to warmer climes? Why is this one still here out in the cold. I just hope it's not dead!

Day Ten

Not sure what prompted this? It seemed like a good idea at the time...

Day Eleven

After being housebound by snow for three days, I thought I'd walk downtown for an appointment on Tuesday (still a bit too much snow on the roads for riding!). Spotted a pack of Velociraptors frolicking in the snow (at least SOMEONE is enjoying it!?) and just slowly shuffled on by hoping not to catch their eye before they noted the diplodocus around the other side of the building.

From a picture I took at 1st and Queen - looking at the back of the Great Western Brewery. 

Day 14

Oh, Give me a Home, Where Diplodocus Roam...
Watercolour on Strathmore Watercolour Paper
November 2020

Busting out of the sketchbook - I thought I'd try actual watercolour paints on actual watercolour paper. I was pretty happy with this. I had been losing interest in the project and had taken a couple days off and was wondering if I should bother continuing or figure out something else to do. 

If you look REALLY close there are a couple of spots where I apparently dripped water on the painting - which re-activated the watercolours and made little circles in the sky. A friend on facebook suggested I turn them into meteorites... I thought "happy little meteorites"!

Day 15

I did a pair of micro-mini watercolours - with offcuts from the larger piece the day before - just to mess around with things. 

There's a Triceratops in the Back Forty
Watercolour on Strathmore Watercolour Paper
November 2020

Diplodocus on a Snowy Field in November
Watercolour on Strathmore Watercolour Paper
November 2020

Day 16

Ugggghhhh.... Yeah. This is why I should just never do watercolour... 

Such a slob. Why would I even think I could pull off anything with this medium. 

Diplodocus by Old Shack in the Snow
Watercolour on Strathmore Watercolour Paper
November 2020

I tried to go all Bob Ross and turn it into happy little clouds... which makes the flaw less obvious - could probably get away with it on tiny screens on telephones... not-so-much if you're looking at the actual work. 

Not sure where I'm going from here. I'll probably just continue playing with the watercolour dinosaurs to see the Dinovember thing through... 


  1. I find the idea of dinosaurs romping in the snow highly amusing and I'm enjoying your work, particularly the watercolours.

    For that last one, you could use the stain as the foundation for maybe another diplodocus looking back over the treeline? But it is not really all that noticeable online.

    For inspiration, how about dinosaurs playing a tabletop game or an RPG via zoom?

    1. Thanks so much!
      I was going to stick to Dinosaurs wandering around Saskatoon and nearby countryside... but I kind of like the zoom meeting idea, and may have to try that!