Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Dinovember - Week Three

 Kept at it for another week. One more to go. 

Last week I moved out of the sketchbook and started using actual watercolour paints (rather than just watercolour pencils) and started painting on actual watercolour paper. I've been painting in groups of three - cutting an 11x14 sheet into an 11x11 and two 4x4 sheets. 

Experimenting with different skies and washes this week - and towards the end of the week trying out masking fluid. 

Day 18

Red Sky at Morning, Dinos Take Warning - study

A Pair of Prairie Pteranodon at Dawn

(try saying THAT five times, really fast!)

Red Sky at Morning, Dinos Take Warning!

Day 19

Triceratops Trudging through Deep Snow at Sunset...

Red Sky at Night, Diplodocus Delight!

Day 20

Red Sky at Night, Deinonychus Delight

Friday ended up being a busy day, between a library run with Keira and then heading back downtown for an x-ray of my hand... but while I was downtown, I popped into Art Placement and picked up some masking fluid to play around with... 

Day 22

Tyrannosaurus Frolics in the Snow

Day 23

Apatosaurus in the Snow

Day 24

Tyrannosaurus Tiptoes Through the Trees 

One more week of this, then it's on to something else. 

Not sure what that something else is going to be just yet... 

I did sign up for an online Domestika course by Mattias Adolfsson (a Swedish illustrator whose work I just adore!). All of their courses are currently 75% off - for the next three days! Perhaps I'll work through that in December and share all my assignments...? Check it out here:

The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art


  1. Great work, I particularly like the one going through the birch trees.

    1. Thanks, Alan! I was really happy with how it turned out at well... but it took forever!?