Friday, December 18, 2020

December - Part Two

 Things slowed up here over the last week or so... I've done a bunch of rough sketches of ideas... but they were kind of all over the place and I couldn't stay focused enough to manage to turn many of those ideas into finished drawings or paintings.

Here are a few things I did get to... 

Process picture of work on Daemon Prince Garzongdong - another portrait of a character in a game I play. 

GARZONGDONG - Daemon Prince of Slaanesh.

(30cmx30cm, Ink and Watercolour on Paper, December 2020)

Garzongdong was once a captain in the Emperor's Children Space Marine Legion (32nd company). After the fall of Horus, he led what remained of his company around the galaxy in the relentless pursuit of all manner of excesses. They cared not where the currents of the immaterium took them, on that there were worlds for them to burn and plunder and bathe themselves in all manner of indulgence. After a thousand years of such debaucherous pursuits, the Dark Prince rewarded Garzongdong with Daemonhood.

Daemon Prince Garzongdong leads my Warhammer 40K Daemon and Emperor's Children Chaos Space Marine forces. If it looks a little like the old Keeper of Secrets model.. well.. it's because I'm USING an old Keeper of Secrets model as my Daemon Prince of Slaanesh (as the old Keepers of Secrets model is about the same size as the current Daemon Prince model, and the newer Keeper of Secrets utterly dwarfs the previous model - over twice as big!)

(he might just show up in the Wrath & Glory game I have been running.... y'know... when we get back to playing that...)

I did a little thing... there was so much enthusiasm amongst my friends on Facebook for the Dinovember 2020 drawings and paintings, that I thought I'd make a few calendars for those that wanted them. Amanda makes photo calendars for our folks and my sister every year, I though possibly I could do the same, but with the pics I took of all the Dinosaurs. So I put a post on Facebook, collected pre-orders until the first and then ordered the 30 I needed (I sold 26, then there was one for me, folks, sister - who are all getting TWO calendars this year - one with dinosaurs, one with pictures of the kids. 

I also sold off most of the originals - at least the ones that were on separate sheets of paper - not the ones I did in my sketchbook. 

It was a fun little project - but ended up taking up a lot of time - messaging back and forth and keeping track of who ordered how many and laying out the calendar and placing the order - and then a LOT Of anxiety over how it was going to look (it ended up looking pretty good - much, MUCH better than the worst possible fears - which is where my brain always goes!). 

Back to prairie landscapes for a day (or maybe two)....

Cows and Clouds

(25cmx20cm, Watercolour on Paper, December 2020)

Wasn't happy with this one. 

Added a dinosaur. 

It didn't help.

The next one - process. This one I actually used a photo reference (a picture I took myself while out on a bike ride in the country side a few years ago). 

Cows in a Field

(25cmx20cm, Watercolour on Paper, December 2020)

I actually painted this for Amanda's mom. I posted it on Facebook and tried changing the permissions so that her mom and sister wouldn't see it.... then I moved it into an album with all my other art. Apparently, when you move pictures to a new album, Facebook changes the permissions for the picture to that of the album... so she saw it - and commented on it. I didn't mention in the post that it was for her, but it's not going to be as big of a surprise. At least she said it was "[her] kind of painting".  

Zilla and Ringo Meet a New Friend at the Park.

(20cmx20cm, Ink and Watercolour on Paper, December 2020)

Another surprise for some friends. Not going to make the mistake of posting this anywhere - well, anywhere people actually LOOK at things. I ALMOST posted it to Instagram - then realized one of the couple I painted this for is a follower (though I don't think she's ever liked or commented on anything I've posted on Instagram... still... not going to take the chance). I feel pretty safe posting things here as I'm pretty sure NO ONE is even following this blog anymore - the few views this one gets are redirects from my OTHER blog

Going from the early dino illustrations my sketchbook (ink drawings, coloured with watercolours), to the dinosaur paintings on paper (just watercolour), to character portraits (ink drawings, coloured with watercolours again), to the cow paintings above (back to just watercolour), to this painting/drawing above... I've come to realize I think I prefer using watercolour to add colour to what are essentially ink drawings - rather than strict watercolour painting... 

More Cows

(29cmx29cm, Ink and Watercolour on Paper, December 2020)

I think I'm done with cows. Not sure what I'm going to do with this one. It was kind of the back-up plan painting if the other one didn't work out (started painting this before finishing the first). The first is okay and was smaller and easier to parcel up - and, in fact, WAS parcelled up before this was even finished - so there was no real options to send it off if it DID turn out "better"... 

What next? 

Back to character portraits?

I don't know. Guess we'll see what tomorrow brings. 

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