Tuesday, October 20, 2020

October Challenge - Part the Second

 Continuing on from Part the First...

Unfortunately, I've fractured my finger which makes typing tricky... so it's going to be mostly just the pictures with limited commentary... 

Amanda watching TV

Amanda Webex work meeting

smashed finger. Ow.

Icing Smashed finger

It's how it FELT!

For the rest of the week I mostly worked on maps and tokens I could upload and make use of on Roll20

Mining Facility on one of Saturn's moons

Down Below.

Character Portrait

Another Character Portrait

I tried to make some simple re-usable "blanks"

Flipped it for some variety. 

Filled in they looked like:

Infected residents of the installation. 

More infected 

Whoops! infected scientists

Finnegan helped me with this one. 

Character portrait from Wrath & Glory

Character portrait

fixed character portrait... 

I didn't get a drawing done everyday - but I got more than ten done over the last ten days because a few days I did MORE. 

Eleven more days. Going to try and get one done each day. 

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