Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Still More Sketching

A few sketches from a week or so back. This past week has been really bad for not getting out the sketchbook - so much crap going on... renovation hell... ugh...

These are some of the new university residences out behind the Williams building where the kids take a few of their dance classes. I've been trying to sit outside and draw while the kids are in classes... but the temperature is dropping. 

Haven't made it out to the skate/bike park much lately. This one day we made it there I was too sick to ride so I brought along the sketchbook.

I have been obsessing lately over the work of Mattias Adlofsson so I have to admit this doodle was probably somewhat inspired by some of his drawings... maybe there's a bit of Heavy Metal in there...


  1. Replies
    1. Seconded. Thanks for the tip on the Adlofsson.

      And don't you owe me a letter/comix? Or two? Or three? ;-)

    2. Yes, yes... I'm actually working on a new comic finally. Did three pages in the last three days!