Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last fall I started drawing comics again with the kids (more on that in a bit). They were very productive, me… not so much… After a couple of false starts (which may get finished SOME day…) I finally cranked one out this week….

It’s only 8 pages of… well… not much… but it’s SOMETHING and it’s a new START!! I just realized it’s been over TEN YEARS since I published the last ObliViosiTeR!? (probably closer to eleven…).

I also prepped three new boards this week for painting. I didn’t really NEED to. I already have three ready to go. They’ve been sitting and waiting and ready to go since before I finished my last painting in December. It’s been a busy couple months and I kind of “fell off the (painting) wagon”. Prepping some new boards was kind of to get me into painting mode by starting with the “process” – if that makes sense.

Busy with Birthday shenanigans the next couple days, but after that…


  1. Oh man, I got to get my hands on that!

  2. Already in the envelope... Only reason I'm not walking to the mailbox today is, at the warmest part of the afternoon, feeling like -41°C with the windchill...

    Now I will point out that Amanda DID ride her bike to work today (5Km ride to campus!). But if I don't HAVE to leave the house today... why would I!?

  3. Way to rub it in, Tim. And I thought I was all "bad ass" for riding to work this morn when it's 20F (that's -7C to you!) out! And that's about as cold as it gets 'round these parts.

    Fun Fact: -40F and -40C are the same. Fahrenheit and Celsius meet up at a temperature that is brutal!