Friday, January 28, 2011

Not Dead Yet

Wow, it's been almost a month... I haven't been doing much painting - at least not of paintings! I have been doing a bit of drawing - including a project for Amanda. You can see it over at her new blog:

Blog Squad Application at Adventures of a Yoga Mom.

I've also been READING at lot of comics - like a LOT!. It started with reading everything I could find by Jeffrey Brown (no relation). Then I read the entire Scott Pilgrim series by Brian Lee O'Malley. Then I read Two Generals and Northwest Passage by Scott Chantler (I think there's a website there... google searches always turn up lots of entries, I've added it to my blogger follow/reader thingie and occasionally get updates... but whenever I actually try to go to the site I get a message that says "Safari can’t open the page “” because Safari can’t find the server “”"...?! Is it something with Safari or my ISP...? I don't get it... anyway - awesome comics). Then I read the whole Scott Pilgrim series AGAIN and then tracked down Lost at Sea. Then I think I read Love Fights Volume 1 by Andi Watson.... um... and I think there was some others in there... Anyway, all awesome stuff!

Oh and I've read a couple Look Straight Ahead comics by Elaine Will and I'm looking forward to Number 3! Or the graphic novel... I'm a patient sort...

There was a couple of Cthulhu graphic novels and collections that I tried to wade through but they kind of sucked... I don't know... I just couldn't get into them.

I have a bunch more on the "to read" pile. Some that I've picked up recently; Motel Art Improvement Service by Jason Little, Footnotes in Gaza by Joe Sacco, and Essex County by Jeff Lemire. Others I've had kicking around for too damn long and never got around to reading; Louis Riel by Chester Brown (no relation), The Undertaking by Michael Hind, the Kane series by Paul Grist (I finally picked up books 5 and 6 in the fall, but I need to go back and read the first four again as it's been over a decade...), and an embarrassing number of others...

There's also a new book out by David Collier, called Chimo, that I'd like to track down.

Ugh... too many comics, not enough time.

Wow... Link-o-rama!

I was drawing minicomics with the kids for a while in November/December, but that seems to have petered out for teh moment - they each did four 8-page minicomics... I worked on a few, but never actually managed to completely finish any?! Hopefully we'll get on that again in the near future.

I have one little project I'm trying to finish up this week, then hopefully I'll also be back to painting critter and bikes and stuff...


  1. New comix?


    P.S. I trust you got that packet o' comix and zines I sent?

  2. Yes, at some point... You will be the first person I mail one to!

    Thank you so very much for the bundle of bike-comic-zine goodness! I've very sorry I didn't send a thank you note or anything, but I swear I think about it every other day and say to myself - "i should just send a quick email to say thanks..." but then think "Nah, I'll totally be done that minicomic next week and I'll send a LETTER with it, which is so much nicer than email..." and I've been telling myself that for... what..? a YEAR now...!? Again, I apologize.

  3. ah yes, the "I'll write when I have my new comic/zine finished, which should be next week, for sure" syndrome. I have suffered (and still suffer) from that.

    Look forward to seeing 'em when they're done!