Saturday, December 25, 2010

Polar Bears

The kids had so much fun making paintings for my folks and sister (more on that in a moment), not to mention the Cows for Nana earlier) that I got them to paint a couple paintings for Amanda to take to work and hang up in her office.

(Amanda already got her Family Portrait from me).

Both the kids decided to paint Polar Bears.

(Remember: click on the pictures below to see a slightly larger version)

Finnegan Brown, Peter the Polar Bear, December 2020, Acrylic on MDF, ~40x35cm

Keira Brown, Ballerina Polar Bear, December 2020, Acrylic on MDF, ~40x40cm

Coming soon on Tim’s Art Blog:

More holiday gift paintings… maybe tomorrow, after all the gifts are given away...

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  1. I love the paintings from everyone and both the polar bears will soon be hanging in my office at work :)