Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September Sketching

I didn't really do much through the summer... so I thought to get myself going again this fall I'd challenge myself to a 30-day drawing challenge: Fill one page in my sketchbook EVERY DAY this month. So far, so good - just over half way through. Mind you there are a lot of pages filled with utter rubbish. but a couple of the sketches have turned out... well... not-SO-bad...

The Girl reading "Shadow over Innsmouth"

A young woman I saw on campus today. She had fabulous purple hair. I don't much use colour in my sketch book, but have been feeling I should try a bit more - and it just happened that I had a purple ballpoint pen in my pocket with all my other drawing stuff. So I experimented a little. It was fun.

I should do more. Maybe not "should"... I feel like I'd LIKE to do more colour work in my sketchbook. but how? Carry more coloured ballpoint pens? (more crap to carry, run out of ink and have to throw out, limited pallet). Pencil crayons? That micro watercolour kit I picked up? (seems a hassle... water can be messy...).

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