Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Drawing A Day

I have been trying to get a drawing done each day. Luckily, most days I have to take the kids somewhere and end up just waiting for them. I've tried to use this as an opportunity to draw - it's too easy to get wrapped up in things at home - time needs to be staked out. I haven't managed to draw EVERY day - Fridays and Saturdays are the worst as we don't go anywhere on Fridays and on Saturdays I just drop Finnegan off at Persephone Theatre and do a loop of Downtown to hit the library and up to Broadway to hit Steep Hill Food Co-op - but I'm getting better.

Here's a few of the drawings I've done over the last week or so...

It'd been a while since I drew a pile of boots...

Of course sometimes I just draw what I see in my head...

I've been trying to draw more people. People are hard. They move and stuff.

Little People are worse as they don't stay still at all!

I almost always sit in the same chair in the Men's Change Room after my Irish Dance Class - while waiting for the kids to do theirs - and draw the chair opposite... This week I decided to change things up and draw the coat rack in the other corner.

I was thinking it would be rad if Keira's Tap Dance class did their year end recital performance to "Walking on Broken Glass". Some of the classes have already started working on their routine for the (school) year end recital (in May!)

Usually at the dentist I sit at one of their third floor windows and draw the street scape at the top of the Broadway Bridge. This morning it was very busy in there and I was sitting in a chair facing the exit. I hate dentist offices, the smell alone makes me want to projectile vomit.

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