Thursday, July 4, 2013


I've started a new sketch book the past week. I am determined to fill at least one page per day with some sort of drawing (or painting!) So far I've missed one day....

I also recently picked up a portable watercolour set. I've painted a lot with acrylic. I've done a lot of drawing with pen and ink. but despite loving the look of some of the pen and ink drawings with watercolour I've been checking out over the last year or so (like stuff by Danny Gregory or all the fabulously talented people that post on the Everyday Matters Facebook Group...). It's taken me a long time to get around to having a go at it...

Here are a couple of the first two attempts...

Yesterday I took the kids over to my friend Simone's to play with her kids and while I was there I tried a drawing (painting?) of her kids little house and part of her beautiful garden. (I am so jealous of her garden...)

Then this afternoon I took the kids down to the spray park at River Landing. 

People are hard. Crowds of people are harder. Crowds of children in constant motion just about drove me to distraction. 

When I imagined all the difficulties and challenges that could arise from a trip to the spray park - I never imagined that getting the kids to stay a bit longer so I could finish my drawing would be one of them. They were very patient and waited... 

This if fun. But it takes me a long time. 


  1. Wow Tim! Wow! These are great - the pen and ink are nice on their own but the colour just makes them look amazing!

  2. These are fantastic! Good job!