Monday, June 28, 2010

Something on Sundays

For the last month or so we've been taking the kids to Something on Sundays at the Mendel Art Gallery. It's a drop in art studio for kids on sundays from 2-4. Good Fun.

Last week they were having kids paint their vision of the new Art Gallery of Saskatchewan (which, it seems, will be replacing the Mendel at some point in the not too distant future - which makes me just a little bit sad... having fond memories of many summer art camps at the Mendel...).

Here's what the kids came up with:

Finegan's vision.

Keira's vision.

I was totally wowed by these. We (surprisingly) don't paint all that much at home (it being a bit "messy" and all...) so I was very impressed with these! Have to do some more painting at home!! (ALL of us!)

Then we made some "artists trading cards"

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