Sunday, October 31, 2021

Day Thirty-One

And here we are at Day Thirty-One… 

I did drawings ALMOST half the days… almost… 

(Actually I DID manage to do some drawing EVERY DAY… I just didn’t do things I felt like sharing every day - a lot were preliminary/practice drawings for the ones that I DID post) 

My friend Shawn in Portland organizes this 3-Speed Challenge every October. I mean, it's a whole THING - registration fees, you get an official log book and patches and stickers and stuff... Loots like a lot of fun. I do make a point to ride the Brompton at least once every October (the only bike have with just three speeds), but I just don't ride it enough to participate in the challenge.


  1. I'm loving the critters on bikes series. And you are settling into a very nice and distinctive style.