Monday, April 19, 2021


It has been quiet around here. I got a little distracted and haven't been drawing and painting as much the last few months. I have been doing a lot of painting of miniatures and playing games... 

This week it is Amanda's 50th birthday. Usually I try and paint something for her - and try and get the kids to join in. It's a little harder to orchestrate a Super-Secret-Birthday-Art-Project when she NEVER LEAVES THE HOUSE, though!!! I had to do all of this work in a rush on the two times she left the house for short appointments. The kids had it a little easier, they could work in their rooms with their doors closed. the only space I had to work was in plain view of Amana's at-home work station where she spends, like, 90% of her waking hours... 

We went with a bit of a bird theme this year. 

We went with very tiny pictures - these are all in 4"x6" frames. I figures small would be quicker and easier for me - and easier to get buy in from the kids (who are now teens and less inclined just to do anything I suggest!) 

Detail of the Black-Capped Chickadee that I painted. 

Detail of the Snowy Owl I painted. It didn't turn out quite like I imagined it in my head... I might have liked to try again... but I was VERY limited in the time I had... so... This is it... 

Both of mine were painted with Holbien Acrylic inks. I was kind of experimenting with them for the very first time. So another excuse for them not turning out awesome. Mistakes made. Lessons learned. If I'd had another day or two, I probably could have redone them better... Next time. 

Detail of the Crow Keira painted.  (see more of her work @keirfuffle on instagram) 

Detail of the Toucan that Finnegan drew (you can see more of his work @finnbrownart on Instagram)

We also got her a bird-themed game. 


  1. Splendid work and gifts. She is a most fortunate woman.

    1. Oh, it really is ME that's the fortunate one! Thanks!