Thursday, October 8, 2020

September Drawing-From-The-Masters Challenge

 Though the month of September I challenged myself to draw/paint a picture ever day. I decided to try "painting from the masters" - copying the work of another artist. In this case I ended up copying the works of John Blanche. This is more thoroughly covered on one of my Other Blogs

All of the pieces below are copied from John Blanche illustrations copied from The Emperor's Will - Agents of the Imperium (pictured above).  I really LOVE his style - there's kind of a frantic rawness and intensity to these illustrations that, for me, masterfully conveys the grim-dark reality of the life in the 41st millennium. I should say, just to be 100% clear here (because, as an artist, intellectual property rights of of great importance to me), the original illustrations are © John Blanch and/or Games Workshop and my studies  were done purely for my own private entertainment and education purposes and are presented here simply to share with the community a creative thing that I did. They are not now, nor ever will be, for sale. I do not take commissions of any kind. 

Well, that's it. It was a fun project. The plan WAS to continue on with daily drawings through October... but... that plan is currently in flux... for... reasons... I'll try to post what I'm working on, periodically, throughout the month. 

As I said, these were originally posted on my Gaming Blog through the month and there are a lot more process pictures and chatter about what I was tryign to do. If you're intersted in seeing/reading more about what I was doing, check those out:

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Anyway, if you found your way here and read all of this, why not drop me a line in the comments below, so I know I'm not totally wasting my time posting all this crap for NO ONE?!


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