Thursday, October 3, 2013


We're renovating our house and need to pick out some paints. Standing in an all white room upstairs holding paint chips up in the semi darkness (as there are no lights up there yet) just wasn't working for me and I'm not sure Amanda really had her head around what she was suggesting. 

So... I whipped up a couple line drawings (based on some photos I'd taken) and tried to add in some of our furniture and then scanned the and open them in photoshop and try to colour them to see what the room might look like....

Here's one of the photos (the one I used for the drawing above).

Now I have to admit I'm not Photoshop wizard... so these are rather amateurish... but it was something new i did and kind of fun.

I would have liked to do them in watercolour, but I wanted to have the option to mess around and try different colours.

I actually tried scanning some of the paint chips... but that didn't work out so well... none of the colours on screen looked like the chips did... I like the colours on my screen. I tried printing that out, but the print out looked like something altogether different!?

At one point Amanda had had the idea to do the entire east half of the room in a DARK purple... this picture above cured her of that notion.

As you can see in the other pictures the dark purple remains in teh alcove-y thing along the east wall and was considered at one point for the doors...

I couldn't be bothered to colour all the furniture, but tried to do some of the larger items to get an idea of what the space will look like when it's done.

I know architects probably have programs that do all this much quicker and easier...

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