Friday, September 13, 2013

Sketching Again

I haven't done nearly as much drawing as I would have liked to through the summer... Too many distractions... With the coming of September and return to regularly scheduled activities I've found myself with ample idle time (waiting for kids who are in said "regularly scheduled activities") and it's been beautifully warm enough to sit outside and draw. I've found time to draw every day this week so far. Here's a few of the not-so-bad doodles I did this week...

outside the Albert Community Centre where the kids both take a pottery class. It's not-so-much "pottery" as it is "clay hand building". Very few pots are manufactured. Many Frogs and dinosaurs are. 

Outside the University of Saskatchewan Physical Activity Complex.

I haven't been so bold as to bust out the watercolours just yet. But if this weather continues I just might!

I need to carry a cushion or something. After half an hour sitting on a park bench and mu butt is aching... 

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