Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sidewalk Art

Earlier in the summer the kids and I spotted some chalk drawings on a recently paved section of trail near our place and we thought that would be a fun thing to do sometime... well... I never got around to taking them... This past weekend they'd asked Amanda if they could draw on teh sidewalk with chalk and she was just going to set them up by our house - but then I suggested they go try out the smooth dark path in the park nearby... so they did.

On the way home from getting groceries, taking Keira to Theatre class, and picking up my (unsold) paintings form the Mendel Art Gallery's Member Show and Sale I spotted their masterpieces.

(remember: click on the pictures to see a bigger version!)

A giant fire-breathing dragon of sorts that may have been instigated by Amanda but turned into a group project. 

The children informed me these were "symbols that mom drew"; Mercedes, Love, and Happiness...? 

A beautiful drawing of our dogs Wally and Ollie by Keira. 

A giant lizard monster by Finnegan. Perhaps a dinosaur...? Spinosaurus? 


  1. oops! I'll have to bring some more chalk and fix that on the way to work tomorrow. PEACE, LOVE and HAPPINESS!

  2. I imagine the rain last night washed it away... So glad I got to see it yesterday. We will have to go out and do some more of that - if it doesn't SNOW too soon!