Sunday, September 26, 2010

Visions of the New Gallery

Some time ago I had mentioned one of the weeks we had been to Something on Sundays at the Mendel Art Gallery, they had been having the kids paint their Vision of the new Art Gallery of Saskatchewan. They were going to select some of the pictures to go up around the building site of the new gallery.

The other day I rode by the site and noticed they had started putting some up - but none of the kids.

(You can click on the picture for a slightly larger version)

Yesterday I noticed they had put up a few more...

...including Keiras:

Yay Keira!!

(You can see a picture of the original in This Previous Post)


  1. totally awesome! great work.

    we are headed there for the "unveiling".. i heard they are handing out free crayons.


  2. Yipee Keira! That's amazing! We biked by there yesterday and wondered if we knew any of the artists. I guess we do :)

  3. dang! I totally didn't even know about the unveiling - There's WAY too much stuff going on today - swim lessons, word of the street, dance classes - and the only day we can go get dance shoes for Keira as the distributor is in town and set up at Prairieland park somewhere this afternoon!? URRRR!!! head... going... to... explode....